Heritage Row Rejected Again

At its July 6, 2010 meeting, the Ann Arbor city council reconsidered the Heritage Row PUD it had rejected on a 7-4 vote at its June 21 meeting. The council suspended council rules that allow only a councilmember voting on the prevailing side to bring a motion for reconsideration, so Stephen Rapundalo (Ward 2) was able to bring that motion. It failed again, this time on a 7-3 vote. It required an 8-vote super majority.

Voting for Heritage Row were: Sandi Smith, Tony Derezinski, Stephen Rapundalo, Christopher Taylor, Margie Teall, Marcia Higgins and John Hieftje. Voting against it were: Carsten Hohnke, Sabra Briere and Stephen Kunselman. Mike Anglin was absent.

Detailed coverage of the July 6 meeting to follow: [link]