Interview Set for Huron Hills Golf Proposal

The selection committee that’s been evaluating two proposals for operating the Huron Hills golf course has selected only one – made by Miles of Golf – to advance to the interview stage. An interview with representatives from that business is set for Friday, Dec. 3 at 9:30 a.m. in city council chambers, on the second floor of city hall.

The meeting – which will be recorded by Community Television Network (CTN) – will begin with a presentation by Miles of Golf, followed by questioning from the selection committee. The committee includes Colin Smith, the city’s parks and recreation manager; Julie Grand, chair of the park advisory commission; Doug Kelly, the city’s director of golf; Ward 2 city councilmember Stephen Rapundalo; former city councilmember Mike Reid; Ed Walsh, a member of the city’s golf advisory task force; and Sumedh Bahl, the city’s community services area administrator.

Miles of Golf proposes moving its business to the city-owned Huron Hills site. The current 11 holes on the south side of the Huron Hills property would continue to operate as a golf course. The first 7 holes on the north side would be converted to a golf center similar to the current Miles of Golf operation at Carpenter and Packard roads in Pittsfield Township, with a teaching center, a practice facility (driving range), and a retail shop. [.pdf file of Miles of Golf proposal]

A second proposal, not recommended by the committee, was submitted by a group called Ann Arbor Golf. It called for operating Huron Hills as a public, 18-hole golf course via a new nonprofit entity, the Herb Fowler Foundation of Huron Hills. [.pdf of nonprofit proposal]

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