Planning Commission OKs Arbor Dog Daycare

At its Dec. 21, 2010 meeting, the Ann Arbor planning commission voted unanimously to grant a special exception use that will allow for the expansion of Arbor Dog Daycare, a business located at 2856 S. Main St., near the corner of Eisenhower. Commissioners had initially rejected the proposal at their Sept. 21 meeting, due to concerns about noise generated by dogs using the outdoor dog run.

Then at the commission’s Oct. 5 meeting, owners Jon and Margaret Svoboda had asked that their request be reconsidered, and commissioners voted unanimously to take up the proposal again at the Oct. 19 meeting. At that meeting, it was tabled so that staff could explore possible conditions – such as an annual review or written policy requirement – that could be added to the special exception use to address the problem of continuously barking dogs. The vote on Tuesday was unanimous in favor of granting the special exception use, with a set of conditions that included a provision that no more than 15 dogs shall be allowed in the outside dog run at any one time.

This brief was filed during the planning commission meeting at city council chambers. A more detailed account of the meeting will follow: [link]