UM Housing Rates Set to Increase in FY 2013

Residence hall rates at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor campus will increase 3% this fall, following a 5-3 vote by the UM board of regents at their June 21, 2012 meeting. Dissenting were regents Denise Ilitch, Larry Deitch and Andrea Fischer Newman. Last year, the regents had also approved a 3% rate increase. The proposed rate increase for Northwood Community Apartments – housing primarily for graduate students and families on UM’s north campus in Ann Arbor – will be an average of 1% for the 2012-13 academic year.

Room and board costs for a double residence hall room would increase from $9,468 to $9,752. A staff memo accompanying the proposal indicates that the 3% increase for residence halls is divided into two components: 1% for increased operating costs; and 2% for residence hall renovations.

In April, Eastern Michigan University’s board of regents approved an aggregate 4.95% room and board increase.

Housing rates are typically set by regents at their May meeting. This year, it was handled as part of the overall budget approvals for the coming fiscal year.

This brief was filed from the Michigan Union Ballroom on the Ann Arbor campus, where regents held their June meeting.