A2: Pall 1,4 Dioxane

In a column posted on the Forbes magazine website, Kai Petainen highlights ongoing problems related to the 1-4 dioxane  plume in the Ann Arbor area underground aquifers, caused by contamination at the former Gelman Sciences facility in Scio Township that’s now owned by Pall Corp. Because Pall is a publicly traded company, Petainen looks at the issue in part from the perspective of socially responsible investing: “But perhaps one of the most insulting ways that Pall could insult those who are concerned about the dioxane problem in Ann Arbor, is best illustrated by what it doesn’t say in the annual 10-K report. What word does the annual report neglect to mention? What word is missing from the section that talks about Ann Arbor’s pollution problem? Not once do I see the word ‘dioxane’ in Pall’s 10-K report. From pages 84 to 86, Pall speaks about ‘contamination’ in Ann Arbor, but they don’t mention that the contamination is dioxane. … As a reminder, according to the EPA website, 1-4 dioxane is a probable human carcinogen.” [Source]