City Council Election Roundup: Final Weekend

Ann Arbor council candidates have until May 14 to submit nominating petitions for the Aug. 6, 2013 partisan primary, and many of them have already filed.

As the final pre-deadline weekend approaches, six candidates out of a total of eight who’ve taken out petitions for the Aug. 6 election – all of them for the Democratic primary – have filed their petitions with the city clerk’s office. Those who’ve filed petitions are: Kirk Westphal in Ward 2; incumbent Stephen Kunselman and Julie Grand in Ward 3; incumbent Marcia Higgins and Jack Eaton in Ward 4; and Mike Anglin in Ward 5.

All except for Westphal, who submitted his petitions late Friday afternoon, have had at least 100 signatures validated by the city clerk’s office. Westphal’s signatures have not yet been processed.

In Ward 1, incumbent Democrat Sabra Briere has taken out petitions, but not yet filed them with the clerk’s office. And in Ward 5, Thomas Partridge has taken out petitions for the Democratic primary, but has not yet filed them.

The deadline for filing petitions as an independent is Aug. 7. Two independents have taken out petitions so far: Jaclyn Vresics in Ward 1 and Conrad Brown in Ward 2. Incumbent independent Jane Lumm is also expected to run again to continue representing Ward 2.