Ann Arbor: Keep Weekly Trash Pickup

A proposed update to the solid waste plan of the city of Ann Arbor has been adopted by the city council in action taken at its Oct. 7, 2013 meeting – but not without amendment. Some objection to the plan was centered on the mention of the possibility of working toward a curbside trash pickup schedule that’s less frequent than once weekly and exploring pay-as-you-throw options.

So the council passed two amendments eliminating those aspects of the plan during deliberations at it Oct. 7 meeting.

The updated plan presented to the council included a number of initiatives, including goals for increased recycling/diversion rates – generally and for apartment buildings in particular. Also included in the draft plan is a proposal to relocate and upgrade the drop-off station at Platt and Ellsworth. The implementation of a fee for single-use bags at retail outlets is also part of the plan.

A pilot program in the plan would add all plate scrapings to the materials that can be placed in the brown carts used to collect compostable matter. And if that pilot program were successful, the original draft of the plan called for the possibility of reducing the frequency of curbside pickup – from the current weekly regime to a less frequent schedule. But that possibility was amended out of the plan. [Waste Less: City of Ann Arbor Solid Waste Resource Plan.] [Appendices to Waste Less]

Even the inclusion of the idea of reducing trash pickup to just once every two weeks was a highlight of the plan to which some councilmembers objected. [Previous Chronicle coverage: Waste as Resource: Ann Arbor's Five Year Plan.] Voting against that amendment to the plan were Margie Teall (Ward 4) and mayor John Hieftje.

This brief was filed from the city council’s chambers on the second floor of city hall, located at 301 E. Huron. A more detailed report will follow: [link]