A2: River Data Discontinued

The USGS stream gauge for the Huron River located near Wall Street has stopped reporting data like oxygen content and turbidity, although basic stream flow data is still available. The message on the USGS realtime reporting site indicates that the reduction in data reporting is due to federal sequestration: “The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) will discontinue operation of a number of streamgages nationwide due to budget cuts as a result of sequestration. Additional streamgages may be affected if partners reduce their funding to support USGS streamgages. The USGS is working to identify which streamgages will be impacted and will post this information as it becomes available. … When budget fluctuations occur, the network is impacted.” [Source]

According to Huron River Watershed Council deputy director Elizabeth Riggs, that gauge is operated by the USGS in partnership with the city of Ann Arbor. It’s not clear if city staff were notified by USGS of the reduction in data reporting. Update: City of Ann Arbor water treatment plant unit manager Molly Robinson has indicated in an email to The Chronicle that service to that gauge is expected to be restored, based on a USGS update.

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