New Member of Ann Arbor DDA Board: Steve Powers

As a result of Ann Arbor city council action taken at its Dec. 2, 2013 meeting, city administrator Steve Powers has been appointed to serve for the next year on the board of the Ann Arbor Downtown Development Authority.

The state enabling statute allows for either the mayor or the city administrator to serve on the board of a DDA. Mayor John Hieftje has served that role for his 13-year tenure as mayor.

However, discussion had occurred throughout the council’s recent consideration of the city’s DDA ordinance about the possibility of appointing the city administrator instead of Hieftje to serve in the statutory slot on the DDA board. Hieftje has announced that he’s not seeking re-election as mayor in 2014.

Even though the issue was not discussed explicitly by the council at its Dec. 2 meeting, in the document the council approved for its routine annual committee assignments, Powers’ name was indicated as the DDA board appointment. [For additional background on that appointment to the DDA board, see: "Column: Connecting Dots – DDA, FOIA."] [.pdf of all assignments]