Fifth & William

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A group of five young people are walking around the corner of Fourth Avenue and William Street headed west, but are puzzled that the car they parked at the surface parking lot is not where they thought they left it. The driver uses remote key to test if it’s just a memory issue. Lights and horn sound from the Fifth Avenue side of the lot. That sweet news quickly turns sour as they notice the car is moving, because it’s loaded on a Brewer’s tow truck. [Turns out they were parked in a "police only" spot.] A chase on foot ensues as tow truck exits onto Fifth Avenue, turns west onto William. As they disappeared from view, the chasers appeared to be losing ground. Dang.

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One Comment

  1. By John Floyd
    December 19, 2013 at 7:45 pm | permalink

    As a TV show plot, watching a car responding to the remote key while it’s being towed away would be pretty funny. If real life, not so funny – unless it’s not your car.