AAATA CAD Consulting: TransSystems

TransSystems of Boston, Mass. has been awarded a consulting contract by the Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority as the AAATA looks to upgrade its computer-aided dispatch and vehicle-locating software (CAD/AVL).

AAATA board action authorizing a contract for up to $168,000 with TransSystems came at its Feb. 20, 2014 meeting.

As part of an planned upgrade for this type of software for its regular fixed-route buses, the AAATA is also looking to bring in-house the reservation and booking of paratransit rides. That’s currently part of its contracted paratransit service provider’s scope of work. That service provider is SelectRide. The switch to in-house paratransit bookings is planned for May 1, 2015, the day after the AAATA’s current contract with SelectRide ends. That contract was recently extended through April 30, 2015 in action taken by the AAATA board at its Dec. 19, 2013 meeting.

By implementing the paratransit part of the project, the AAATA wants to get some experience with the upgraded software before moving forward with its regular fixed-route buses.

According to staff memos in the board’s informational packet for the Feb. 20 meeting, the type of CAD/AVL system that the AAATA is upgrading allows dispatchers to locate, track and manage fixed-route bus operations. It also provides information on real-time adherence to the bus schedule. Further, it monitors and reports the status of engine components and on-board systems, such as the wheelchair ramp.

This brief was filed from the downtown location of the Ann Arbor District Library 343 S. Fifth Ave., where the AAATA board holds its meetings.  A more detailed report of the meeting will follow: [link]