Performance Network Board Gives Update

The board of directors for Performance Network Theatre has distributed a letter to the media with an update on last month’s decision to suspend operations for the Ann Arbor professional theater. [.pdf of PNT board letter]

The letter states that the theater did not have resources to pay its staff, actors and vendors in a timely manner, and to make debt payments.

“Each of us cares passionately about professional theater in Ann Arbor, and in particular the high caliber of work Performance Network Theatre has produced over the years. At present we are engaged in due diligence as we assess the true financial situation in order to determine the appropriate next steps and decide on a course of action when the Board of Directors meets later this month.”

The theater cannot reimburse subscribers and ticket holders at this time. ”We remain committed to doing our best to determine an appropriate course of action for the mutual benefit of the theatre, staff and those owed money. At a meeting of the Board later this month, we hope to evaluate options that might allow for the continued operation of the Performance Network Theatre.”

The board members are: Ron Maurer (president), Tom DeZure, Linda Levy, Edward Abbott, Gene Dickirson, Jessica Litman, Mary Avrakotos, Steve Gerber, Stephen Palms, Barbara Bach, Hannah Goodstein, Myra Poplin, Norman Bash, David Herzig, Sheila Sassar, Tom Crawford, Steven Klein, and Philip Stoffregen.

Update: On Monday, June 9, a group of PNT supporters – including former staff – announced a proposal to re-open the theater with a smaller staff, dramatically reduced budget, and plan for reaching financial solvency. The proposal will be presented to the board at its June 18 meeting. [.pdf of June 9 press release]

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  1. By lisa
    June 17, 2014 at 10:31 am | permalink

    I think they did the right thing… after all they are responsible an can be sued as a board and individuals for anything PNT defaults on. This is a staff that was irresponsible with donors money, the leaders were more interested n being on stage than on running a business… it is a business after all. Had this been a for profit business one would expect a bail out or another chance via the board. The disrespect shown the original funders and board that raised all of the capital campaign money to move this theater to it’s current location, is beyond words. I support having a theater downtown but not with ANY of the current or past staff members involved, including the former set designer the former staff and their new Nova Theater is purposing. Big mistake