DDA Director Pollay Gets 5% Raise

Susan Pollay, executive director of the Ann Arbor Downtown Development Authority, was given a 5% raise by the DDA board at its July 2, 2014 meeting. Following a closed session for “a periodic personnel evaluation,” the board emerged after about 15 minutes and voted to increase her salary from $109,119 to $114,570.

The increase, which was recommended by the board’s executive committee, takes effect as of July 1, 2014. Before going into closed session, board member Keith Orr noted that the review was being conducted in closed session at Pollay’s request.

In describing the rational for the raise, Roger Hewitt noted that in 8 of the past 10 years, Pollay received no raise because of the difficult economy. Her position as a city employee is in the Level 2 category, which has a salary range from $95,000 to $157,000. Several board members indicated a desire to move Pollay toward the midpoint of that range over the next few years. Sandi Smith characterized it as “catch up” to compensate for the years when Pollay didn’t get a raise.

Casting the sole vote against the 5% increase was city administrator Steve Powers, who said he’d be more comfortable with a 3% raise, and hoped there would be a more robust evaluation process in the future.

The resolution regarding the increase states that “a number of important DDA projects were undertaken in FY 2014 under Ms. Pollay’s leadership, including opening the new First and Washington parking structure, creating a Street Framework planning initiative in partnership with the City, and working with the City Council to approve amendments to the DDA ordinance.”

The resolution also states that board members provided reviews of Pollay’s work in FY 2014, and the reviews “noted how effectively she works with the DDA Board to support board member involvement and effectiveness, how effectively DDA programs and projects are managed, and that Ms. Pollay serves as a vital resource for downtown stakeholders, and the community at large…”

Pollay has served as the DDA’s executive director since 1996.

This brief was filed from the DDA offices, 150 S. Fifth Ave., Suite 301, where the DDA board holds its meetings.