Photos: Ann Arbor July 4th Parade

Candidates, clowns, pugs, piccolos, floats & flags – a community celebration of Independence Day 2014 in downtown Ann Arbor

As we celebrate America’s representative democracy, it’s fitting that the Ann Arbor July 4th parade featured plenty of elected officials and candidates for local, state and national office.


Reflections of the parade.

And though they weren’t campaigning, there were also lots of dogs and cute kids, dancers, beauty queens, scouts, Masons, Baptists, Buddhists, a lawn mower brigade and more. Music was provided by the St. Francis of Assisi band, the drum corps from Huron High, and a few other musical acts – though like previous years, there was no full marching band.

The July 4th parade is organized by the Ann Arbor Jaycees, and it’s a logistical challenge with its own parade of details. We thank the dozens of volunteers who work so hard to pull off an event the rest of the community can enjoy each year.

Before we get to the photos, here’s a reminder that if you’re not yet registered to vote, the last day to register for the Tuesday, Aug. 5 primary is nearly here – Monday, July 7.

Information on voter registration can be found on the Washtenaw County clerk’s elections division website. To see a sample ballot for your precinct, visit the Secretary of State’s website. The last day to register to vote for the Tuesday, Nov. 4 general election is Oct. 6.

Now here’s sampling of photos from this year’s July 4th parade through the streets of downtown Ann Arbor.

Ann Arbor Jaycees.

The July 4th parade is organized by the Ann Arbor Jaycees.

Color guard.

Color guard for the Ann Arbor July 4th parade.

Jerry Clayton.

Washtenaw County sheriff Jerry Clayton.

Brian Mackie.

Washtenaw County prosecuting attorney Brian Mackie wears his traditional patriotic tie.

John Seto.

Ann Arbor police chief John Seto.

Chuck Warpehoski.

Democrat Chuck Warpehoski is running for re-election as a Ward 5 city councilmember.

Cute kids.

Cute kids in a bike brigade.

Graydon Krapohl.

Graydon Krapohl, vice chair of the city’s park advisory commission, is running unopposed in the Ward 4 city council Democratic primary. The seat is currently held by Margie Teall, who is not seeking re-election.

More cute kids.

One of the youngest campaign workers passed out candy.

Samuel McMullen.

Democrat Samuel McMullen, a candidate for Ward 3 city council, puts finishing touches on a parade sign.

Samuel McMullen in a hat.

Samuel McMullen.

Julie Grand

Julie Grand, candidate for Ward 3 city council, exhorted onlookers to enjoy the Fourth of July festivities.

Running kid for Julie Grand campaign.

An enthusiastic campaigner for Julie Grand.

Bob Dascola.

Bob Dascola is in a three-way race for the Ward 3 city council seat that’s currently held by Christopher Taylor, who is running for mayor. Other Democrats in that race are Julie Grand and Sam McMullen.

Cute kid on bike.

Another cute kid on a bike.

Nancy Kaplan.

Nancy Kaplan, a trustee of the Ann Arbor District Library, is running for Ward 2 city council in the Aug. 5 Democratic primary. Also running is Kirk Westphal.

Jane Lumm.

Ward 2 city councilmember Jane Lumm is not up for re-election this year, but is supporting Nancy Kaplan’s campaign for the other Ward 2 seat that’s currently held by Sally Petersen. Petersen is running for mayor.

Kirk Westphal.

Democrat Kirk Westphal, chair of the Ann Arbor planning commission, is running against Nancy Kaplan for Ward 2 city council.

Kirk Westphal

Kirk Westphal, candidate for Ward 2 city council.

Cute kid running

This kid made a break for it, but the hand in the right of the frame was attached to a parent who had longer legs than the escapee.

Don Adams.

Democrat Don Adams is running for the Ward 1 city council seat against incumbent Democrat Sumi Kailasapathy. He handed out fruit instead of candy during the parade.

Don Adams fruit cart.

Don Adams’ fruit cart.

Sumi Kailasapathy.

Democrat Sumi Kailasapathy, the incumbent Ward 1 city councilmember.

Sumi Kailasapathy and Sabra Briere.

Democrats Sumi Kailasapathy and Sabra Briere both represent Ward 1 on the Ann Arbor city council. Briere is running for mayor.

Drum corps.

The Huron High drum corps.

Fitness crew.

A fitness crew rolled this massive tire down the street to prove their awesomeness.

Andy LaBarre

Democrat Andy LaBarre with his son Declan. LaBarre represents Ann Arbor’s District 7 on the Washtenaw County board of commissioners and is seeking re-election.

Liberty balloon.

The Statue of Liberty gets a balloon ride with a birthday cake.

Yousef Rabhi.

Democrat Yousef Rabhi of Ann Arbor, chair of the Washtenaw County board of commissioners, is seeking re-election and is unopposed in the Aug. 5 primary for District 8. He high-fived his way through the parade course.

Cute kid in a hat.

Two flags are twice as fun.

Felicia Brabec.

Democrat Felicia Brabec of Pittsfield Township is running for re-election to represent District 4 on the Washtenaw County board of commissioners. She is unopposed in the primary and faces Republican Stanley Watson in November.


A unicyclist.

Larry Murphy.

Republican Larry Murphy is running for Washtenaw County commissioner in District 1. He is challenging incumbent Democrat Kent Martinez-Kratz.

Washtenaw County Republicans.

Washtenaw County Republicans.

Cute kid with hair ornament.

The camera caught this little one looking a little glum.

Derby Dimes.

A member of the Derby Dimes.

Jeff Irwin.

Democrat Jeff Irwin of Ann Arbor, state representative for District 53. He is unopposed in the Democratic primary and faces Republican John Spisak in the November general election.

Jim Toy.

Jim Toy of the Jim Toy Community Center.

Adam Zemke.

Democrat Adam Zemke, the incumbent for the state House seat representing District 55. He’ll face Republican Leonard Burk in November, but does not have a Democratic challenger for the Aug. 5 primary.

Miss Washtenaw County.

Miss Washtenaw County Daveaux Riggs.

Karate demonstration.

A martial arts demonstration on the street.

Rebekah Warren.

State Senator Rebekah Warren of Ann Arbor represents District 18. She’s running for another four-year term and is unopposed in the Aug. 5 Democratic primary. She’ll face Republican Terry Linden in November.

Metro Delivery Uncle Sam.

Metro Delivery Uncle Sam.

Debbie Dingell.

Debbie Dingell is running for the District 12 Congressional seat held by her husband, John Dingell, who is not seeking re-election. She faces Democrat Raymond G. Mullins in the Aug. 5 primary and Republican Terry Bowman in November.

St. Francis band.

A member of the St. Francis band.

Watermelon on a sideboard.

One of the antique cars on parade included this watermelon on its running board.

Tea Haus float.

Tea Haus float: “Tea Rexes”

John Hieftje.

John Hieftje walks in his last parade as Ann Arbor mayor. He’s not running for re-election.

Sabra Briere.

Sabra Briere is one of four Democrats – all current city councilmembers – who are running for mayor this year.

Sabra Briere again.

Sabra Briere, who sprained her ankle a few weeks ago, was transported by pedicab.

Stephen Kunselman.

Democrat Stephen Kunselman, current Ward 3 councilmember, is running for mayor.

Stephen Kunselman campaign.

Stephen Kunselman is flanked by his twin daughters and other supporters.

Sally Petersen.

Democrat Sally Petersen is a Ward 2 city councilmember who’s also running for mayor.

Sally Petersen.

Sally Petersen.

Band on Sally Petersen float.

Sally Petersen’s float included the band Pitch Cocktail and the Molotovs

Christopher Taylor.

Democrat Christopher Taylor is a Ward 3 councilmember who is also running for mayor.

Christopher Taylor.

Christopher Taylor.

Eva Rosenwald

Eva Rosenwald, who is married to Christopher Taylor, greets a supporter.

Bo head

The Detroit Parade Company’s Bo Schembechler walked near the parade’s end. And those who stayed until the end were, in fact, champions.

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    I enjoyed Sabra Briere’s pedicab. She showed her commitment to alternative means of transportation.