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  1. August 13, 2014 at 6:24 pm | permalink

    It’s interesting how there are rules of the road for some, and for the rest of us.

    A few years ago when the Library parking lot was still there, I found a Republic supervisor in a marked car parked diagonally to block both of the handicapped spots nearest the library. He was obviously engaged in romantic chit-chat with the girl in the payment booth, and didn’t leave for over half an hour. Doesn’t bother me personally, but as the caretaker for a handicapped lady in her late 80′s in a wheelchair, who wanted to go to the library, it was outrageous. I called the police, they could care less.

    Same with all of the UPS and FedX trucks that won’t use alleyways for deliveries, double-park, and block streets anywhere they want, with no penalties.