FDD Lawsuit: Shelton Delays on Sanctions

At an Aug. 27, 2014 hearing, judge Donald Shelton has refused to grant two of three motions by plaintiffs in the footing drain disconnection lawsuit that was filed in February of this year.

On his last motion day before retirement, Shelton chose to deny a motion to disqualify the city attorney’s office in its representation of the city. He also declined to rule on the merits of a motion to reassign the case away from judge Timothy Connors – who will be taking over all of Shelton’s civil cases after Shelton’s retirement at the end of this week. On that motion, Shelton pointed out in denying it that he did not have the power to grant it and indicated that such a motion should go through the regular disqualification process.

However, Shelton delayed ruling on a third motion, on sanctions against the city’s attorneys – for making statements in a brief in support of summary disposition that plaintiffs contend did not have a well-founded basis. Shelton questioned assistant city attorney Abigail Elias closely on the matter, and appeared to indicate agreement with plaintiff’s contention that the city had, in its brief filed with the court, mischaracterized the plaintiff’s position.

However, Shelton indicated that the motion on sanctions should be heard when the motion on summary disposition is heard – on Sept. 18. So Shelton indicated he would be adjourning that motion until Sept. 18. That hearing is scheduled before Connors.

For additional background, see “Shelton to Hear Motions in FDD Case.”

This brief was filed from Shelton’s courtroom shortly after the hearing ended. A more detailed report will follow: [link]