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Column: Happiness in Motion |

Columnist Jo Mathis talks with Michelle Segar, a University of Michigan motivation psychologist, about the benefits of changing our attitudes toward exercise. Sometimes the short-term benefits of moving your body are more of a motivator than long-term goals of weight loss or improved health. [Full Story]

What Makes Life Worth Living? |

The granddaughter of George Dawson, who wrote his autobiography “Life is So Good” after learning to read at age 98, visited Ann Arbor last Saturday in connection with the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti Reads program. [Full Story]

Ann Arbor Task Force Consults Panhandlers |

The Chronicle attended the December meeting of the city’s street outreach task force, which was appointed in September 2010. The group’s charge is to work for six months to find economical ways to enforce the city’s panhandling ordinance, while offering help to those on the street with drug addictions. [Full Story]

Column: The 31 Days of Cooking |

Columnist Jo Mathis vows to make December the month that she will Try Harder in the Kitchen. She shares some recipes that might convince you to do the same. [Full Story]

Column: Give Me The Simple Life |

Columnist Jo Mathis says she’s ready to simplify her life – but don’t ask her to give up her TV just yet. From Michigan football to Dancing with the Stars, there’s too much drama to miss. [Full Story]

Column: Free to Love Craigslist |

Columnist Jo Mathis shares some thoughts about what led to the closing of The Ann Arbor News a year ago, and how she’s now liberated to love one of the things that contributed to the newspaper’s decline: Craigslist. [Full Story]

Column: Life’s Wake-Up Call |

Columnist Jo Mathis reflects on a loved one’s recent diagnosis of stage 4 prostate cancer, and how the news puts life’s petty annoyances into perspective. [Full Story]