Author: Marianne Rzepka

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AATA Continues Push for Master Plan Input |

No one showed up to a public forum held immediately prior to the Oct. 21, 2010 board meeting for the Ann Arbor Transportation Authority – it was scheduled to get input on AATA’s master plan. The board meeting itself lasted less than an hour and included only one action item, which gave authority to CEO Michael Ford to approve MDOT contracts up to $1 million without prior board approval. [Full Story]

Column: Seeds & Stems |

Kirk Jones quit his job in computer software to start a business in his first love: flowers. Now his job is to grow, cut and arrange bouquets that he delivers to his customers once a week, as owner of Good Scents Gardens. [Full Story]

Column: Seeds & Stems |

Columnist Marianne Rzepka writes that after years of watching emerald ash borers decimate thousands of once-thriving ash trees, Ann Arbor residents can find a new generation of the hardwoods growing in some of the wooded pockets of the city. [Full Story]