Author: Ruth Kraut

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Column: Student Press & the Body Politic |

Columnist Ruth Kraut explores the complex issue of censorship, including local examples of school news controversies, past and present. This column also highlights some student work that has been published – topics that are important to students, even if they might make adults uncomfortable. [Full Story]

Column: Good Ideas, Flawed Process at AAPS |

Columnist Ruth Kraut describes several positive initiatives that have emerged under the leadership of Jeanice Swift, the new Ann Arbor Public Schools superintendent. But Kraut also raises process-related concerns about how the AAPS board is making decisions without time for sufficient public input – in violation of the board’s own policies. [Full Story]

Column: Is Public Education A Charity Case? |

Columnist Ruth Kraut reflects on the concept of donations to public education – both voluntary (to charitable causes) and involuntary (through taxes). She describes ways that most of us are already contributing, and provides information that will help you give even more, if you’re so inclined. She also argues that the best contribution might be of your time and energy – to advocate with state legislators for more public education funding. [Full Story]