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Washington btw Fourth and Fifth

Kitchen dessert prep on lower level visible inside Aventura from street. [photo] While I would have been content to have spent the evening on the outside peering in, allowing my pedestrian experience to be visually enhanced in that way, inside on opening night for the general public it was bang on delicious.

E. Washington & Fourth

Aventura, the new tapas restaurant, is packed for its soft opening for friends and family. Opens to the general public on Friday. The tapas sign and ceiling-to-floor windows really liven up that section of East Washington.

Fifth & Washington

A mural is being painted in the alley off of E. Washington between Fourth and Fifth avenues, next to the not-yet-opened Aventura, a new tapas restaurant at 212-216 E. Washington. The most prominent image so far is a bull. [photo] [photo]

Fifth & Washington

Front facade is totally off as workers continue an overhaul of the former Mahek into Aventura, a tapas restaurant at 212-216 E. Washington. [photo] [photo] Sign on the window says they’re hiring. [photo]