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S. Maple near W. Stadium

Possibly due to a hard-hitting exposé in The Ann Arbor Chronicle, these directional arrows at Kroger on S. Maple have now been repainted and oriented in the proper direction. [photo] The whole city can breathe a sigh of relief. Thanks, AAChronicle!

S. Maple near W. Stadium

These arrows in the South Maple Kroger parking lot indicate we should drive on the left. All other arrows in same parking lot, including those at the other end of this lane, are correct. Perhaps this pair is the work of a disgruntled road painter who wants to return to British rule? [photo]

AHP Zoning Revisions Go to City Council

Ann Arbor Planning Commission meeting (July 8, 2010):  The 4th of July holiday caused some reshuffling of city meeting times and locations, and sent planning commissioners to the Ann Arbor District Library on Thursday night to conduct their business.

Wendy Rampson, Eric Mahler

Wendy Rampson, head of the city's planning staff, and Eric Mahler, newly elected chair of the Ann Arbor planning commission, at the commission's July 8, 2010 meeting. (Photos by the writer.)

That business included approval of revised area, height and placement (AHP) standards that have been under review for more than two years. The revisions have pulled back from some of the original proposals – for example, there’s no longer an uncapped building height in certain districts. It’s the first significant overhaul of these standards in roughly 50 years, with the goal of reflecting prevailing community values. The recommendations will now be forwarded to city council for final approval.

The planning commission also voted to postpone action on a project at the Kroger on South Maple. The grocery is adding a drive-thru pharmacy, and needs city approval to reconfigure its parking lot to accommodate the drive-thru lane. A few unresolved issues led commissioners to push back consideration until their July 20 meeting.

And the commission elected a new slate of officers, with local attorney Eric Mahler replacing architect Bonnie Bona as chair. [Full Story]