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Newport Road at Englave

The very worst stretches of lower Newport have been been smoothed over with asphalt. Many hazards yet remain. One limitation of this (appreciated!) quick fix is that cars will rut the patches since the road has not been closed to let the asphalt harden. [photo 1] [photo 2] [photo 3] Nearby parts of Huron River Drive have been smoothed over as well. Don’t know if this is about tomorrow’s Dexter-Ann Arbor run – or the work of a Ward 1 councilmember. Imperfect as this is, it is a vast improvement. [previous related item]

Council Delays Some Action on Sidewalks

Sidewalk gaps on Scio Church Road and Newport Road in Ann Arbor took  a couple of steps closer to being filled as the result of city council action taken at its April 21, 2014 meeting.

Both projects were on the agenda to be handled as special assessments of property owners whose land would benefit from the sidewalks. Action on the special assessment portion of the funding for construction of the Scio Church sidewalk was delayed until the council’s second meeting in May – on May 19. Action on the Newport Road sidewalk special assessment moved forward.

For the sidewalk segment on Newport Road, the council approved a resolution directing the city assessor to prepare a special assessment roll of properties to be … [Full Story]

Newport Sidewalk Planning Budget Gets OK

A quarter mile stretch of Newport Road – from Wines Elementary School northward to Riverwood – may see construction of a public sidewalk by the summer of 2014. The Ann Arbor city council approved a $15,000 budget to come up with a preliminary design and cost estimates, evaluate different funding scenarios, and gather additional public feedback on the project. The vote to allocate the $15,000 came at the city council’s Jan. 22, 2013 meeting.

The project has a background that dates back at least to Nov. 15, 2011, when the city held the first of two meetings in response to requests from residents who live in the neighborhood to consider construction of a safe walking path to the school.

The staff memo … [Full Story]

Miller Avenue to Be Resurfaced and More

Potholes Along Maple Avenue in Ann Arbor

The poor condition of the pavement on Miller Avenue in Ann Arbor is the primary impetus behind the project, which could include many other improvements.

There was grumbling among some residents before the meeting even started: “They’re going to do what they’re going to do, it’s already a done deal.”

But the half-dozen city staffers who met with neighbors at Forsythe Middle School last Wednesday presented a variety of different options for how the resurfacing of Miller Avenue between Maple and Newport roads could be undertaken. Construction on the project could begin as soon as 2010, but far more likely is a 2011 start, according to project manager Nick Hutchinson, who’s a civil engineer with the city.

Some irritations from neighbors did surface in the course of the meeting. But reached by phone after the meeting, Hutchinson said he thought it was a healthy exchange and that the project team had been able to collect a lot of useful information. [Full Story]