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Land Trust’s New Name Unveiled

Legacy Land Conservancy Mugs

During an event at Cobblestone Farm on Thursday, Mark Patrick and Suzie Heiney unveil the Washtenaw Land Trust's new name and logo: the Legacy Land Conservancy.

As the nearly 160 guests started dinner Thursday evening, Susan Lackey urged them to continue making bids on the silent auction items – including, she said, “heirloom” Washtenaw Land Trust mugs. “The value of those will go up significantly before the evening is over.”

Those mugs are the last of their kind, as the land trust now has a new name: Legacy Land Conservancy. Lackey, the nonprofit’s executive director, says the name reflects a broader mission and geographical reach beyond the boundaries of Washtenaw County. In the past few years, the trust has helped protect 337 acres in Jackson County, to the west of Washtenaw. Its logo includes the charge of “protecting and preserving Southern Michigan.” [Full Story]

View from the Bus – A Tour of Protected Land

A view of the Ludwig Farm in southern Washtenaw County.

Barns on the Ludwig Farm in southern Washtenaw County, seen from a hill on their property.

If you live in a city or suburb and don’t travel off your beaten path, it’s easy to forget how rural much of the surrounding area is. Protecting this land – including farms to relatively untouched natural areas – is the mission of the Washtenaw Land Trust, and on Saturday afternoon about 50 people boarded a bus to see some of the work they’ve done toward that goal. The Chronicle went along for the ride. [Full Story]