County Attorney Goes on Medical Leave

Curtis Hedger, Washtenaw County’s corporation counsel, is taking a three-month, part-time medical leave following a diagnosis of congestive heart failure in January. Local attorney Stefani Carter will be handling his responsibilities in his absence – she was introduced at the Feb. 1 meeting of the Washtenaw County board of commissioners.

Hedger told The Chronicle that he plans to work a limited number of hours per week, and will help Carter transition into her role with the county. Carter has been serving as “of counsel” with the county on a contract basis, and Hedger recommended her for this new role. Early in her career Carter worked in the county prosecuting attorney’s office, and later spent 15 years as an assistant city attorney for Ann Arbor.

At the Feb. 1 meeting, Carter told commissioners that she was happy to be there, but ”I hope my term of service will be short, as we hope Curtis comes back as soon as possible.”

Toward the end of the three-month leave, Hedger said he’ll undergo additional testing that could determine whether he’ll return to his job on a full-time basis, continue part-time work, or retire. More coverage of the meeting: [link]