So, Who Do You Know in Bank’s New TV Ads?

Quirky ads to air on ESPN, Food Network and other channels

How well-connected are you to people in Ann Arbor? You can test your social network’s strength by seeing how many people you know of the 220 local customers featured in new Bank of Ann Arbor TV and radio ads.

It’s amazing how many people you can cram into a 30-second spot when all they say is “Me.” It’s also amazing how funny that simple concept is, and how effective in conveying the bank’s point: We’re local, and we help folks.

The campaign reflects the quirky sensibility of Ann Arbor-based Perich Advertising + Design, the agency which put the ads together. (Oh, and Ernie Perich is on BOAA’s board of directors.) Check out the two radio spots and three TV ads here. The TV spots will air through early October on several Comcast channels, including Food Network, Discovery and HGTV. They’ll also run during Monday Night Football games on ESPN.

The timing is important, too. What some believe is a crowded banking market will become even more competitive soon, when Ann Arbor State Bank opens its doors later this year. Bill Broucek, one of the new bank’s founders, has a bit of experience with this type of venture: He also co-founded the Bank of Ann Arbor and served as its first president.