Election 2008 Photos: Street Celebration

Down Liberty and back up Washington
Election 2008 street celebration

Early morning celebration of Obama's victory at Main and Liberty in downtown Ann Arbor.

After checking in with county clerk Larry Kestenbaum at the county building at Main and Ann Street (he was hosting an election night non-partisan gathering), The Chronicle walked back down Main Street, took a left at Washington Street and looped around past Arbor Brewing Company. Overheard from the small pods of young folks gathered on the sidewalk were complaints about the lack of liveliness among the crowd inside ABC: “They f&^*ing suck.” We rounded the corner at Fourth Street and headed for Liberty Street.

As we arrived at Liberty, the distant din of celebration from the direction of campus grew louder and louder, and it eventually became apparent that an impromptu march of celebration was headed from the campus area down Liberty. It would eventually turn north at Main, west again at Washington and gradually fizzle out as it neared the campus area again.

Returning to downtown after a brief visit to campus, The Chronicle noted that well after 1 a.m. drivers of cars approaching the blinking red lights at the intersection of Main and Liberty would holler out the window to no one in particular: “O-BAM-A!!” Here’s some photos of the early morning revelry.

Election 2008 street celebration

Dancing in the streets at Main and Liberty in downtown Ann Arbor, celebrating the newly elected president.

Election 2008 street celebration

Election 2008 street celebration headed east on Liberty Street.

Election 2008 street celebration

The crowd of mostly students were chanting, laughing and hooting as they walked down Liberty Street.

Election 2008 street celebration

UM student revelers pour out of campus into downtown Ann Arbor.

"Can you hear me now? Can you hear me now? Can you hear me now?" Um, yeah, dude, we can hear you.

Election 2008 street celebration

"Why is my reflection playing an accordion instead of banging on a drum?"

Election 2008 street celebration

From the loudspeaker: "Get out of the road and move onto the sidewalk!!"

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    I LOVE the girl in the scarf. THIS is real America!!! :):):)