A2: Gardening

On the blog Garden Faerie’s Musings, Ann Arborite Monica Milla writes a long post about gardening, including her 2009 wish list: “There are many other things I plan to sow this year, that I haven’t grown before, including a dozen varieties of heirloom tomato seeds. They were given to me by Royer Held, a local heirloom tomato guru, in exchange for a copy of my book Fun with Winter Seed Sowing. He has always started his seedlings indoors and was eager to give winter sowing a try. I have often grown tomatoes (in fact, you could say a solitary tomato, planted in a container on my deck in 1990, was the “gateway plant” that turned me into a gardener, but that’s a story for another day), and was eager to give heirlooms a try.” [Source]