After Obama: Jones, Ruckus at The Pig

Blind Pig show features two alums of Take a Chance Tuesday

When the history of Ann Arbor is collected and placed in the permanent archives, it will attest that more than 80,000 people gathered on May 1, 2010 at Michigan Stadium to hear President Obama speak. Impressive. But that still doesn’t make him a rock star.

Rock star Matt Jones and Colette Alexander at Take a Chance Tuesday (April 27, 2010) at The Ark on Main Street. (Photos by the writer.)

What would make him a rock star? Say a University of Michigan graduate lifted their gown to reveal the tattooed text of Obama’s complete inaugural address – that’s the kind of thing fans of actual rock stars do.

And by that standard, Ann Arbor’s Matt Jones is a rock star.

The tattoo story was related second hand at The Ark’s Take a Chance Tuesday this week by Colette Alexander. Alexander accompanied Jones on cello for his performance.

A fan somewhere north of here, Alexander reported, had recently tattooed the lyrics of an entire Jones song across her back. She fell short, however, of complete commitment, by not including every repetition of the refrain.

So the May 1, 2010 history of Ann Arbor will record the performances of rock stars and non-rock stars alike. At 11 a.m. Barack Obama (not a rock star) will deliver the University of Michigan commencement address.

Later that same evening, with the Blind Pig’s doors opening at 9:30 p.m., Jones (rock star) and Alexander will play The Pig, along with the headline act, Frontier Ruckus. Frontier Ruckus is also an alum of The Ark’s Take a Chance Tuesday. Jones told The Chronicle that The Blind Pig performance will be an all-electric set.

At The Blind Pig, they’ll be joined by Alexander Silver, who’s also playing the 2 p.m. slot at Ypsilanti’s 2010 edition of Totally Awesome Fest, before playing his Ann Arbor gig.

April 27, 2010: Take a Chance Tuesday

The Chronicle’s attendance at The Ark’s Take a Chance Tuesday performance of Matt Jones, joined by Colette Alexander on cello, is prima facia evidence that fliers posted on telephone poles work.

It was an unexpected extra Tuesday treat to listen to a set by the California duo Coyote Grace – Ingrid Elizabeth and Joe Stevens, who played before Jones and Alexander. Here’s a few photos from their performances.

Colette Alexander

Colette Alexander dominates the cello.

Coyote Grace

Ingrid Elizabeth of Coyote Grace. The duo – including Joe Stevens on guitar and banjo – is fresh off a tour with The Indigo Girls.

Shots from the Elbow Room

Shots from Ypsilanti's Elbow Room are sometimes distributed to special performers at The Ark's Take a Chance Tuesdays.

Matt Jones Ypsilanti

Matt Jones sets up for his recent show at The Ark.