Sanitary Sewer Connection OK’d

At its July 18, 2011 meeting, the Ann Arbor city council approved a sanitary sewer connection to a property – 1643 S. State St. – that lies in a township island (Ann Arbor Township) within the city. The property, which currently has a septic field, is the location of Biercamp Artisan Sausage and Jerky.

The property is already serviced by city water, which the city of Ann Arbor approved in 1937. The staff memo to the resolution, which appeared on the council’s consent agenda, indicates that all water improvement charges, sanitary sewer charges and sidewalk improvement charges have been paid in full. The owners of the property applied for annexation and rezoning of the property in May 2011.

This brief was filed from the city council’s chambers on the second floor of city hall, located at 301 E. Huron. A more detailed report will follow: [link]