DDA Announces Parking Rate Hearing

In a document that began circulation in the community on Oct. 27, the Ann Arbor Downtown Development Authority has detailed proposed parking rate increases, most of which would be implemented starting in September 2012.

Highlights of the proposed changes include predominantly $.10/hour increases: hourly structure parking rates would increase from $1.10/hour to $1.20/hour; hourly parking lot rates would increase from $1.30 ($1.50 after 3 hours) to $1.40 ($1.60 after 3 hours;) hourly parking meter rates would increase from $1.40/hour to $1.50/hour; monthly parking permit rates would increase from $140/month to $145/month.

No extensions of enforcement hours are a part of the proposal.

At its Nov. 2, 2011 meeting, the DDA board will formally announce its intent and open a public hearing on the issue, which will remain open through its Dec. 7 meeting. A DDA board vote would not take place until January. After a DDA board vote, the rate changes would not require additional city council approval.

The conditions of the DDA’s contract with the city of Ann Arbor, under which the DDA operates the city’s public parking system, require announcement of intended rate increases and provision of details in writing at a DDA board meeting. At the next board meeting, a public hearing must take place. And the board may not vote on the proposed increases until the board meeting after the public hearing.

In a telephone interview, executive director of the DDA Susan Pollay indicated the plan to open the public hearing at its Nov. 2 meeting, instead of waiting until Dec. 7, was motivated by a desire to receive input from the public before a joint work session with the city council and the DDA board scheduled for Nov. 14. The written announcement from the DDA also encourages input sent via email to dda@a2dda.org.

The proposed parking rate changes also include, among other items, changes to meter bag rates and entrance rates for Liberty Square and 415 W. Washington, which would be implemented in January. [.pdf of DDA proposed parking rate changes]