Halloween 2011: Main Street Spooks, Sprites

Editor’s note: Myra Klarman, a professional photographer based in Ann Arbor, has been documenting Halloween cuteness for The Chronicle since 2008, capturing images from the annual Main Street Halloween Treat Parade. [Take a look at her images from 20102009, and 2008 Halloween festivities as well.] We hope you enjoy these little spooks and sprites as much as we do – Happy Halloween!

Little cow

Who ever said, Halloween should be scary? It always includes, a serving of dairy.


One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over ... BOO!


A Halloween costume? But where is your mask? Powers revealed to those who dare ask.


This creature is ghoulish, all wrinkly and green, escaped its lagoon for the Halloween scene.

Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart, where did they find her? Handing out candy, nobody's kinder.

Stylish in silk

She couldn't be cuter in her lovely blue dress, with a handbag of candy to add more finesse.

Dr. Who

The bowtie's a tip off, the gadget's a clue, but on Halloween, just say Doctor Boo!

Piggy and Mouse

Though enemies through the rest of the year, the pig and the mouse put aside their centuries-old feud once a year to celebrate the holiday of piece (of candy), which is Halloween.


MJ is dancing, he's thrilling his fans, but the little Go Boo girl wants to march in a band!

Orange witch

Says a stylish young witch in purple and black: "Please put some candy right into this sack!"


A count in a cape, and a devil with horns, a pumpkin that holds a few candy corns.

Big Bad Wolf

This big bad wolf is a sweet little lamb, searching for candy wherever he can.


This swashbuckling pirate is eating his knife! He's ready to fight off the urban wildlife.

Pink pirate

Did you ever think, you'd see a pirate in pink?


Peacocks are pretty – you know that it's true, especially when hugging and smiling in blue.


Up on her tippy toes, not all that scary – Ann Arbor Halloween's miss pumpkin fairy.

Scary witch

Judged as a witch, this teacher looks dandy, but people keep asking, "What's Spanish for 'candy'?"


We suspect Grandpa Smurf is well weary of the old joke, "You look like you're feeling a little blue," as well as the Halloween variant, "You look like you're feeling a little boo."

Stroller cuteness

A tiger, a kitty and even a cow, what other munchkins are we looking at now?

Three smiling girls

Three girls are hugging and happy on Main Street, asking the merchants to share something sweet!

Not enough cuteness? Myra will be posting more photos from her Halloween shoot on her Facebook page.

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    Your rhyming style makes me smile. I think I’ll… stick to pics!