Updated Election Returns: Ann Arbor Schools

Some early results from the Ann Arbor Public Schools board race are in. The race features six candidates vying for two open positions. Based on returns from absentee voters in the city of Ann Arbor, incumbents Simone Lightfoot and Andy Thomas are making a strong showing, along with Larry Murphy. Among city of Ann Arbor absentee voters, Albert Howard had 175 votes (5.2%); Ahmar Iqbal had 476 votes (14.30%); Patrick Leonard had 515 votes (15.4%); Simone Lightfoot had 799 votes (24%); Lawrence A. Murphy had 677 votes (20.3%); Andy Thomas had 691 votes (20.7%).

Absent voter totals were tallied separately from the precincts for individual wards. Because absentee voters are tallied for entire wards, initial counts of absent voters may give a reasonable prediction of the outcome for that ward. For school board races, however, it’s important to consider that the boundary of the AAPS district does not coincide with the city of Ann Arbor boundary. And the voter tallies from the townships could be decisive in these races.

For incremental updates on Ann Arbor Public Schools board election results, check the Washtenaw County clerk’s office election results website.

Update: With most of the city of Ann Arbor precincts already reporting, but with most township precincts not yet reporting, here’s how things stand: Albert Howard had 419 votes (3.4%); Ahmar Iqbal had 1,771 votes (14.2%); Patrick Leonard had 2,231 votes (17.9%); Simone Lightfoot had 2,750 votes (22.1%); Lawrence A. Murphy had 2,176 votes (17.5%); Andy Thomas had 3,048 votes (24.5%).

Incumbents Lightfoot and Thomas appear  on their way to securing their seats. Murphy is showing strength in the townships, but the total number of votes available are unlikely to give Murphy enough votes to overcome Lightfoot’s second-place advantage. 

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