AATA Requests 4-Party Postponement

On the Ann Arbor city council’s agenda for its Feb. 6, 2012 meeting is action on a previously postponed item – a four-party agreement between the city of Ann Arbor, the city of Ypsilanti, Washtenaw County and the Ann Arbor Transportation Authority.

However, in an email message sent early Friday afternoon (Feb. 3) to Ann Arbor city administrator Steve Powers and assistant city attorney Mary Fales, the AATA has requested that the city council postpone a decision on the four-party transit agreement: “Michael Ford [CEO of AATA] would like to request to postpone consideration of the Public Transportation agreement from February 6 until March 5.”

The email, sent by AATA community outreach coordinator Sarah Pressprich Gryniewicz, indicates that Ford will attend the council’s Feb. 6 meeting, in order to make the request for postponement in person.

The council has previously postponed the issue – at its Jan. 9 meeting and again at its Jan. 23 meeting. Thirty-nine people spoke at a public hearing held on Jan. 23. When the council postpones an item to a specific date – as it did on Jan. 23 until the Feb. 6 meeting – the item appears on the agenda, even if there might be the expectation that it would again be postponed.