New Biology Books for Ann Arbor Students

Selection of “Biology” by Stephen Nowicki as the new biology text book for Ann Arbor high school students has been given final approval by the board of the Ann Arbor Public School board. The board’s approval came at its Aug. 15, 2012 meeting, after being briefed two weeks earlier on the proposed selection at its Aug. 1, 2012 meeting.

The board authorized $117,441 for purchase of textbooks. The district expects 1,391 students to be enrolled in biology courses this fall – in five different high schools. The purchase includes bound copies of traditional textbooks as well as an interactive reader and access to an online edition.

Reasons for adopting a new textbook include the fact that the current textbook has been in use for the past 11 years. Content on biotechnology and genetics is outdated, and the text does not address the essential content on stem cells and differentiation. The current text also lacks online materials, text access, and virtual labs and simulations that are currently available with many textbook programs. In addition, the current text is written at a lexile level that is more consistent with the reading skills of most 10th grade students – and the AAPS district teaches biology in the 9th grade.

This brief was filed from the main conference room of the Balas Administration Building. A more detailed report of the meeting will follow: [link]