1. By Colin Oatley
    July 19, 2014 at 10:45 am | permalink

    That’s a winged victory hood ornament, so it’s a Rolls Royce, not a Bentley.

  2. By Voxphoto
    July 19, 2014 at 11:13 am | permalink

    Wikipedia notes that at 9 mpg (city), this was “the least fuel-efficient car in its class.” [link]

  3. By Colin Oatley
    July 19, 2014 at 12:09 pm | permalink

    Oops. It’s a winged “B”, not a winged victory. So a Bentley it is.

  4. By anna ercoli schnitzer
    July 20, 2014 at 12:44 pm | permalink

    We happened to see that Bentley being parked by its owner. He was not going to the Art Fair but apparently works right in the building near where he parked it; it seemed that he couldn’t get into his usual parking spot on the building’s lot because it was roped off.

  5. July 21, 2014 at 8:17 am | permalink

    I wonder if the Bentley owner paid to have that meter bagged.

  6. By John Floyd
    July 22, 2014 at 3:20 pm | permalink

    @ 5 Jim

    I’m sure it couldn’t cost much more than the price of an Ann Arbor parking ticket. Might even be less.

    BTW, the bike in front of the Bentley is mine. Against both reason and experience, I am starting to bike to work.

    Don’t tell my mom

  7. By John Floyd
    July 22, 2014 at 3:23 pm | permalink

    @2 Vox

    My guess is that the reason to own a Bentley is to park it, not to drive it.

    Enjoyed your observation.