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Platt & Washtenaw

Traffic light at Platt & Washtenaw is operating; store signs are up in the new shopping center.

Platt & Washtenaw Easements Approved

The Ann Arbor city council has approved three separate land-related items in connection with the Arbor Hills Crossing project at Platt & Washtenaw.

Platt & Washtenaw looking east down Washtenaw on July 14, 2013.

Platt & Washtenaw looking east down Washtenaw on July 14, 2013.

Two of the items were easements – for a sidewalk and for bus shelters and bus pullouts.

The other item was the dedication of additional public right-of-way, so that Platt Road can be widened at that intersection. New traffic signals have been installed at the intersection, but they are not yet operational.

The council had approved the site plan for Arbor Hills Crossing at its Nov. … [Full Story]

Miller Avenue to Be Resurfaced and More

Potholes Along Maple Avenue in Ann Arbor

The poor condition of the pavement on Miller Avenue in Ann Arbor is the primary impetus behind the project, which could include many other improvements.

There was grumbling among some residents before the meeting even started: “They’re going to do what they’re going to do, it’s already a done deal.”

But the half-dozen city staffers who met with neighbors at Forsythe Middle School last Wednesday presented a variety of different options for how the resurfacing of Miller Avenue between Maple and Newport roads could be undertaken. Construction on the project could begin as soon as 2010, but far more likely is a 2011 start, according to project manager Nick Hutchinson, who’s a civil engineer with the city.

Some irritations from neighbors did surface in the course of the meeting. But reached by phone after the meeting, Hutchinson said he thought it was a healthy exchange and that the project team had been able to collect a lot of useful information. [Full Story]

Infrastructure Investments, Plus Income Tax?

social street as envisioned by the Old West Design Group's proposal for redevelopment of the 415 W. Washington site

The gentle brown S-curve in the diagram denotes a "social street" which is envisioned by the Old West Design Group to connect Washington and Liberty streets as part of a re-development plan for 415 W. Washington. Margaret Wong spoke at council against the idea of a motorized vehicular connection between Washington and Liberty. (Image links to larger resolution file.)

City Council Meeting (Jan. 5, 2009, Part II) This article reports the portion of council’s Monday evening meeting that did not relate to the City Place PUD, which is covered in Part I.

This piece is organized thematically, not chronologically.

  • Laptop computers – what do they cost the city?
  • Liquor – why do they get a liquor license, when we’ve heard so much negative news about them?
  • Easement for public utilities – what, if anything, do the public schools have against electricity?
  • Public Art Commission – an unexpected wrinkle in a garden-variety appointment.
  • City Income Tax – a previous study to be updated.
  • Streets and Snow – includes a ride-along in a snow plow reported by councilmember Marcia Higgins; also Stadium & Pauline and Huron Parkway & Nixon have construction planned starting in the second half of April 2009, to be completed by end of August 2009.
  • Waste – commercial recycling and wastewater treatment (can you say “bio-solids”?)
  • Public Commentary – against a street, for social justice, and for unbiased reporting on the bombing of Gaza.

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