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UM Reports on Large Leased Spaces

The University of Michigan leases space at six locations that each cover more than 50,000 square feet. Most of the spaces are used by various University of Michigan Health System (UMHS) units. The item of information was presented at the Dec. 13, 2012 UM board of regents meeting.

The largest amount is 240,920 square feet at the Domino’s Farms complex in Ann Arbor, used for several different UMHS departments, including sports medicine, plastic surgery, preventive cardiology, and some Medical School groups, including internal medicine.

Other leased space in Ann Arbor includes: (1) 125,815 square feet at the KMS Building at 3621 S. State Street, which is leased from State 94 Properties LLC for hospital clinical billing and other UMHS groups; (2) 70,754 … [Full Story]

Project OK’d for UM Survival Flight Hangar

Major renovations and a 20-year lease for a Survival Flight hangar were authorized by University of Michigan regents at their May 17, 2012 board meeting.

UM leases space for its Survival Flight unit at the Livingston County Spencer J. Hardy Airport, in space that’s considered inadequate, according to a staff memo. The airport plans to make a range of improvements, including the construction of a new 66,500-square-foot, three-story building which will incorporate a helicopter hanger, office space, emergency vehicle garage space and common areas adjacent to Hardy Airport. Improvements to the hangar are estimated to cost $2.599 million. When the project is finished, UM will lease hanger space and office space for a total of 12,369 square feet. The lease … [Full Story]

UM Regents Get Annual Lease Report

As an item of information, University of Michigan regents were provided with an annual report on leases held by the university that exceed 50,000 square feet.

There are currently five such leases: (1) 222,775 square feet at the Domino’s Farms complex, used by various UM Health System departments; (2) 125,815 square feet at the KMS Building on South State Street, used by UMHS; (3) 65,693 square feet at 325 East Eisenhower Parkway for use by Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Spine Rehabilitation and the Dental School; (4) 63,920 square feet at 2301 Commonwealth Boulevard, for use by UMHS; and (5) 51,534 square feet at 1051 North Canton Center Road in Canton, for the UMHS Canton Health Center.

This brief was filed from the … [Full Story]

UM Regents Approve Building Projects

University of Michigan board of regents meeting (Dec. 17, 2010): Only two regents were physically present at Friday’s board meeting, which had been rescheduled from Thursday so that university officials could attend the funeral of Mark Pescovitz. The husband of Ora Pescovitz, who leads the University of Michigan Health System, died earlier this month in a car accident.

Mary Sue Coleman

University of Michigan president Mary Sue Coleman, chairing the Dec. 17 board of regents meeting. (Photos by the writer.)

Despite some logistical challenges presented by a conference call format – which allowed the other regents to participate remotely – the board dispatched with its last meeting of 2010 in 20 minutes. They approved the schematic designs for two major building projects: a renovation of the Alice Lloyd Hall student dorm, and an addition to the G.G. Brown mechanical engineering building. Regents also authorized the university to guarantee a portion of the debt to be incurred by Merit Network, a nonprofit that provides Internet services for research, government and educational entities. The debt is related to a $102.9 million federal stimulus grant awarded to Merit.

As an information item, the regents received an annual report on leases that the university holds for space over 50,000 square feet. Tim Slottow, UM’s chief financial officer, reported that leased space compared to a year ago is essentially flat. While some units have moved out of leased space and into the North Campus Research Complex – the former Pfizer site – other leases have expanded. [Full Story]

Ann Arbor Council Delays Vote on Pay Cuts

Ann Arbor City Council meeting (Feb. 16, 2010): Looming budget decisions were a prominent part of the council’s meeting. Around a dozen speakers addressed the council during a public hearing on housing and human services needs – the input will be used by the office of community development in making recommendations for city general fund expenditures.

Jim Mogensen

Jim Mogensen, speaking about the University of Michigan shouldering a half-million-dollar cost for the Central Campus Transit Center that the city would ordinarily have paid: "Look, it's not free." (Photos by the writer.)

The approval of a contract extension for the city’s public art administrator generated a great deal of discussion – partly concerning the dollar amount of the contract – and was passed despite dissent from three councilmembers.

But the council postponed a resolution that would have cut the base salaries of the city administrator and the city attorney by 3%, and would have directed the administrator to cut the salaries of non-union employees by 3% as well.

Another prominent theme of the meeting was real estate and infrastructure. Council approved the acquisition of a property within the city limits – a portion of the Black Elk’s site on Sunset Road – using greenbelt millage funds. They also approved the capital improvements plan (CIP), modified to delete an item for the extension and shifting of a runway at the Ann Arbor municipal airport. [Full Story]