Project OK’d for UM Survival Flight Hangar

Major renovations and a 20-year lease for a Survival Flight hangar were authorized by University of Michigan regents at their May 17, 2012 board meeting.

UM leases space for its Survival Flight unit at the Livingston County Spencer J. Hardy Airport, in space that’s considered inadequate, according to a staff memo. The airport plans to make a range of improvements, including the construction of a new 66,500-square-foot, three-story building which will incorporate a helicopter hanger, office space, emergency vehicle garage space and common areas adjacent to Hardy Airport. Improvements to the hangar are estimated to cost $2.599 million. When the project is finished, UM will lease hanger space and office space for a total of 12,369 square feet. The lease agreement will be with the Livingston County Emergency Medical Services Department

To pay for the improvements, UM will make a down payment of $500,000, plus $12,915 per month for the duration of the lease. In addition, UM will pay a base rent – which includes operating costs – of $4,332 per month, with an increase of 2% every five years. Funding will be provided from UM Hospitals and Health Centers’ resources.

This brief was filed from the Fairlane Center at UM’s Dearborn campus, where regents are holding their May meeting.