UM Reports on Large Leased Spaces

The University of Michigan leases space at six locations that each cover more than 50,000 square feet. Most of the spaces are used by various University of Michigan Health System (UMHS) units. The item of information was presented at the Dec. 13, 2012 UM board of regents meeting.

The largest amount is 240,920 square feet at the Domino’s Farms complex in Ann Arbor, used for several different UMHS departments, including sports medicine, plastic surgery, preventive cardiology, and some Medical School groups, including internal medicine.

Other leased space in Ann Arbor includes: (1) 125,815 square feet at the KMS Building at 3621 S. State Street, which is leased from State 94 Properties LLC for hospital clinical billing and other UMHS groups; (2) 70,754 square feet at 325 E. Eisenhower Parkway, which is leased from Burlington Property LLC for use by physical medicine and rehabilitation, and spine rehabilitation; and (3) 63,920 square feet at 2301 Commonwealth Blvd., which is leased from First Properties Associates for use by various UMHS groups.

Outside of Ann Arbor, large leases include: (1) 100,000 square feet at I-275 and Haggerty Road in Northville, which is under construction and will be leased from REIS-Northville LLC for the UMHS Northville Health Center; and 51,534  square feet at 1051 North Canton Center Road in Canton, leased from Saltz Center for the UMHS Canton Health Center.

This report was filed from the Michigan Union’s Anderson room on UM’s central campus, where the regents held their December meeting.