A2: Gov. Snyder Protest

Under the heading “THIS is what Democracy looks like!” photographer Anne Savage posts a series of images from the Jan. 16 rally and march on Gov. Rick Snyder’s home in a gated community off of Geddes Road, protesting the state’s emergency manager law. [Source] Separately, a video posted on YouTube captures a section of the march along Geddes. [Source] And Mark Maynard posts two descriptions of the rally and march sent to him by Abby Coykendall and Georgina Susan, who writes: “It was a fine group of folks. Veterans of Benton Harbor protests were there, as were people from the tri-cities. High school kids were there with their teachers. UM students made a good showing as well. All were peaceful and reasonable — even when folks from the gated community showed up to gawk.” [Source]