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Fifth & Huron

Justice Center second floor police department. Joel Dalton is obtaining permits for an Ann Arbor Active Against ALS event: Burns Park Brewers Brewfest for ALS Research. Details: Oct. 26, 2013  from 4:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Location: Burns Park. Music, delicious beers and ales, a chili cook-off and more!

S. State near Stimson

Biercamp is now selling…beer! Made on site, but not for drinking there. [photo] The tap pulls are custom-made by co-owner Hannah Cheadle’s dad, of cherry and birdseye maple. “We’re paying him back in sausage for years to come,” she says.

A2: Bill’s Beer Garden

A post on Discover Michigan features Bill’s Beer Garden, located in the courtyard of Downtown Home & Garden in Ann Arbor: “This is the type of beer place parents can bring their kids to and not feel weird about it. This is a place to simply bring one’s child, hang out with your friends, take in the sunshine, and people watch.” The beer garden opens for the season on May 2. [Source]

“There’s Always Beer Afterwards”

Shiggy trail

Motown-Ann Arbor Hash House Harriers on a recent run, navigating a shiggy trail in Ypsilanti Township.

At the sound of a toy plastic horn, a pack of runners jogs down a road to nowhere and onto a faint trail in an undeveloped subdivision in Ypsilanti Township. The front runners point out white dots of flour on the ground and holler “On-On!” to let the others know they’re on trail.

When they reach a floury white “X,” one runs ahead in each likely direction to look for the three white dots that mark the real trail. In moments, “On-on” echoes through the woods from one direction and the whole pack turns and plunges down a steep bank, crossing a flooded ditch on what looks like an old section of privacy fence.

As they disappear into the woods, “On-on”s blend with birdsongs and the squawking of a duck. When they emerge, scratched and dirty somewhere on the other side, there will be beer.

The Motown-Ann Arbor Hash House Harriers describe themselves (as do hashers around the world) as a drinking club with a running problem. Some of the club’s 80 members started hashing for the exercise, but they keep hashing for the camaraderie. Any exercise incurred along the way is somewhat incidental – a side effect of getting from one “beer check” to the next. [Full Story]