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West Park

The day after Thanksgiving, there was enough ice on the West Park pond to bear an adult’s weight (and his bike)! With a warmup in the offing, be careful! [photo]

The Huron River at the Broadway Bridge

3:00 p.m. The ice along the shore and bridge abutments are like shelf fungus – left delicately sticking out above the water as the river level dropped about a foot below where the ice formed.

How Large Vehicles Roll in Icy Weather


Stephen Ferszt of Recycle Ann Arbor loads contents of curbside recycling bins into a pickup truck bed, which is the vehicle of choice for designated streets when road conditions are poor.

On first glance, it appeared to The Chronicle that an entrepreneur with a pickup truck was gleaning cardboard from Ann Arbor’s curbside recycling program. But it turns out that Stephen Ferszt was working for Recycle Ann Arbor. He explained that the smaller pickup truck he was driving was part of a contingency plan used on certain streets when road conditions were bad enough. The larger trucks were more likely to get stuck on streets with hills like Mulholland Avenue, where we encountered Freszt. On Friday morning, the freezing rain that had coated roads and sidewalks certainly warranted the contingency. [Full Story]