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Monthly Milestone: Snowfall of Information

Editor’s note: The monthly milestone column, which appears on the second day of each month – the anniversary of The Ann Arbor Chronicle’s launch – is an opportunity for either the publisher or the editor of The Chronicle to touch base with readers on topics related to this publication.

Yardstick measuring Feb. 2, 2011 snowfall in Ann Arbor

Despite dire forecasts, snowfall amounts by Wednesday morning were closer to five inches than 13 inches. But some of the words in this article were written before the snowstorm ended. And as this photo shows, it was not hard to find some deeper drifts. (Photo by the writer.)

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Less often than I would like, I use a membership-funded co-working space on Main Street in downtown Ann Arbor called The Workantile Exchange to write and edit the material in this publication.

But even when I do work there, I am not all that productive, if productivity is measured by the number of words I type. Of course, I do type some words there. Some of these very words you are reading right now were typed at the Workantile. But number-of-words-typed is not how I measure the Workantile’s value to me.

So how do I assess the value of what I accomplish there?

It’s like describing the result of a snowstorm. [Full Story]