Action on Windemere Tennis Courts

At their May 15, 2012 meeting, Ann Arbor park advisory commissioners passed a resolution recommending that the city pursue reconstruction of two tennis courts at Windemere Park, a nearly four-acre parcel on the city’s northeast side, north of Glazier Way between Green and Earhart roads. PAC had received a staff update on deteriorating conditions there at the commission’s April 17, 2012 meeting.

A letter from representatives of the Earhart Knolls Homeowners Association, as well as several speakers at the meeting, argued that the park is a focal point for the neighborhood, and that the tennis courts play an important role for the community. They urged commissioners to recommend replacement of the courts, in the same location. [.pdf of Earhart Knolls letter]

The issue of the location of the new tennis courts will be the topic of a summer meeting between parks planning staff and neighbors. The initial inclination of city staff had been to move the location of the courts within the park  to an area with soil better suited for a tennis court base. Chair of PAC, Julie Grand, described the contacts they’d received from neighbors who wanted to see the location remain the same, “some of the most civil and well-researched communication we’ve ever received.”

Cost was a consideration. The resolution approved by PAC stipulates that the additional measures – drainage, installation of a honeycomb geogrid – to stabilize the base for the tennis courts could cost as much as 10-20% more than a standard tennis court.

This brief was filed from the second-floor council chambers of city hall at 301 E. Huron, where PAC meetings are held. A more detailed report will follow: [link]