Stories indexed with the term ‘signs of spring’

Fifth & Huron

Promenade deck at city hall no longer has its “Closed for Season” sign posted on the inside doors.

Boulevard Plaza

Must really be spring: Arbor Farms has crocuses and robins painted on their window, replacing snow scene.

Sunset & Spring

Snowdrops: 4 – 6 weeks late, but at least they’re here. Maybe winter really is over. [photo]

Ashley & Liberty

Bill’s Beer Garden open for business as of 5 p.m. today, March 30, and customers are enjoying their beer already.

Brooks Street

Spotted on Brooks Street: Black squirrel chasing a grey squirrel.

First & Liberty

At the railroad tracks, two beagle-type dogs investigate fresh odors on both sides of the street and criss-cross Liberty. Owner tries to corral them with the aid of passers-by on each side of the street and the cooperation of motorists who wait in an increasingly long queue. I did my part. I left the scene as the two hounds were brought under some kind of control.

Beakes & Main

Spring is here! Snow peas and other things popping up at the Museum on Main Street.

Liberty & Main

Found David Zinn of creating an optimistic chalk scene. [photo 1] [photo 2] Here is an idea that wouldn’t have any controversy. I noted that David’s home sidewalk was one of the best in the neighborhood for snow removal. He acknowledged he has a personal feeling for sidewalks. If the city paid lots of sidewalk chalk artists people would have another reason to keep sidewalks clear – for art. Two problems solved – not enough art and not enough clear sidewalks in the winter.

Liberty & Fourth

Signs of warm weather: People enjoying tea sitting on Liberty Street [photo 1]. A cross emerges from the snow in front of the Federal Building [photo 2][photo 3] and on William near Division someone has abandoned a tool that was put to lots of use this winter [photo 4]. A great day to be out walking!

Old West Side

Flock of robins and grackles just passed through. Heading south. #whatdotheyknow?

Liberty & Ashley

People sitting outside at the Fleetwood Diner eating breakfast, while the snow falls softly around them.

Huron & Fifth Ave.

Barefoot footprints left by a smiling shoeless young woman who hadn’t avoided a puddle that must have been cold.