A2: “Chance Langford” 1945-2012

Muehlig Funeral Chapel has published the obituary of Robert Mitchell Dailey, who died last Friday. Dailey was a financial planner who’s described this way: “As a fourth generation Wolverine and lifelong resident of Ann Arbor, Bob loved this city, its people and its sports.” Chronicle readers might recognize one expression of Dailey’s affection for Ann Arbor in the persona of Chance Langford – a member of the intrepid “Ann Arbor Newshawks,” who create parody newscasts based on local Ann Arbor topics. The Newshawks are self-described as “Three men who make up Ann Arbor’s Number One investigative news team.” In one fake interview, with President Barack Obama, he tells the president, “Thank you, sir, but it’s not Change Langford, … it’s not Choice Langford … it’s Chance Langford.” [Source]

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  1. By Brad T.
    November 7, 2012 at 4:24 pm | permalink

    I grew up across the street from the Dailey’s. They were a true A2 family, unique and fun. Bob’s wit started early in life. He fit into A2 perfectly.